With denominations ranging from TSH 10 to TSH 200, we offer Progressive Video Slots, Progressive Video Poker, Standalone Video Reels, Touch bet Roulette and Multi Game Machines at your choice and "feeling of luck".

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High Limit Slots for the high-stakes slot enthusiast, we offer a high-limit slot area in our Club Privé.  Our friendly Slot Hosts provide exceptional service for your satisfaction.

A simple game of chance, the word Baccarat is an Italian word meaning "zero", which refers to 10 and all face cards, while each numbered card from 2 to 9 has a point value according to its number and Aces count as 1 point. 


The object of the game is to have a hand as close to 9 points as possible.  Two cards are initially dealt alternately for the Player and Banker respectively and a third card is dealt according to the house rules.  If a hands total adds up to 10 or higher, the adjusted score is the total acore minus 10.  Say 10+7 is 7 points instead of 17 and Picture+10 is considered zero.   The winner is determined according to the highest point, and if both sides are of same result, the game will be "Tie", and existing Tie bets are paid while both sides will stand off.


Player, Banker and Tie Game are paid even.  95% of the original bet or eight times of the stake respectively and wagers follow the minimum and miximum as stipulated by the house rules. 

American Roulette
Le Grande Casino offers single zero roulette tables where players bet with colored chips with a value for each chip is determined during the buy-in and in accordance with the table limit.

The inside bets have 37 numbers : 0 to 36, where bets are placed either on 1 number or combinations of up to 4 numbers giving you the chance to strike with different odds.  The outside bets include red/black, even/odd, 1 to 18, 19 to 36, which are paid even and the dozens and columns 2 to 1.  
Tie Poker
Tie Poker (7 Card Poker)

Played with a deck of 52 cards against the House, a maximum of 7 individual players shall initially bet on “Flop” and the first two initial faced down cards are distributed with the House. Dealer shall burn a faced down card followed by 3 exposed community cards, and customers are given option to “fold”(surrender) or continue the game by wagering on “Turn”, which is equivalent to the “Flop”.


A second faced down card is burned and an additional community card is exposed, thereafter giving the punters to once again “fold” or continue playing by betting on the “River”, which is twice as the amount of the “Flop”.


A third faced down card is then burnt and the last community card is dealt, followed by the disclosure of the House’s initial two cards. Game is concluded by comparing the House cards and the punters cards combined with the community cards, and payment is made accordingly.